TOP 10 Best Paying Degrees in the World

The higher the level of your education, the greater your potential earnings. Not necessarily. A Master’s degree from one field will earn a college student much more than a Master’s diploma in a different field. Selecting a field of study that is not just one you are interested in and is in significant demand can result in greater future earnings. What fields of study offer the greatest earnings potential ?

1. Engineering

Engineering is the most paying

The engineering degree you earn earns the highest beginning wage. Engineers are needed across various fields, making engineers important to a variety of industries. If you are an engineer with a Master’s or Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, you could make $3.4 million or higher over your entire life. This is approximately $2.2 million higher than someone who has only a high school degree.

Engineering-related careers that require a degree that pays the highest possible salary include:

  • Chemical
  • Nuclear
  • Computer
  • Environmental
  • Mathematical
  • Electrical

Graduates can anticipate starting salaries of $61,000-$69,000 annually in the above-mentioned fields.

A Master’s in Petroleum Engineering will make your contribution to the market, and the starting salary will rise significantly. When you are at the entry-level within this industry, one could be expecting an income of around $102,000.

2. Nursing

Nursing is for everyone

The need for registered nurses is increasing due to nurses are required to be registered as the Affordable Healthcare Act enters full force. Nurses are employed in all areas of healthcare and frequently act as liaisons between patients and doctors.
The top 10% registered nurses earn at least $94,000 annually. You could make a decent living on this amount however, advancing your education an extra step to becoming a nurse practitioner can allow you to live comfortably even at the entry stage.

You fulfill some of the same tasks in the role of a registered nurse being a primary care doctor for patients. Nurse practitioners typically work in clinics and are supervised by a medical professional. It is possible to earn a beginning pay of $96,460 as a Nurse Practitioner.

3. Applied and General Mathematics

A bachelor’s degree is required for many careers. Mathematics, such as statisticians, educators, and actuaries, do not always lead to jobs that pay well. You’ll find a great deal of satisfaction in all of these areas. However, by the time you reach mid-career, it is possible that you could find yourself at the high end of the pay scale.

Making a wider range of options in your post-grad career is by taking some courses in:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Writing and Communications

With a little more knowledge, you can get opportunities in the field of actuarial math. The number of actuarial jobs will increase by approximately 23 percent over the next 10 years, and earn an average salary of $94,000. If you like forecasting financial risks using mathematics and economic and market trends for a study tool, then this profession is a good fit for you.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, economics, or actuarial sciences prior to being able to pass the series of exams in the field you are interested in. Insurance companies that specialize in medical have the most requirement for an actuary. A higher number of people signing for insurance will mean the possibility of future financial loss, and they need strategies in place to limit the possibility of losses.

At the bottom of the scale of pay, teachers start at $37,000 to teach at the primary and secondary levels.

4. M.B.A

Suppose you’re considering an administration career in business as your profession, and you’re interested in pursuing a degree. In that case, the program you select will significantly impact the amount you’ll be able to make. A master’s diploma in Business Administration can open the doors to:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting

An M.B.A for strategy is, which is the most sought-after career in the field of business administration, averaging a beginning salary of just under $93,000. Real estate and finance management follow, with an entry-level salary of $78,900.

The M.B.A Human Resource Management, on the other hand, comes with an average starting pay of $36,000 to $74,800, depending on the location and economics of the place you decide to work in.

5. Game Design

Your enthusiasm for video gaming can lead you to an excellent career in the fields of game design, production and programming. The artistic and technical expertise required to create consul games for mobile and computer systems, integrates many programs in one degree. Computer technology, project management and multimedia production classes combine to create the games gamers are looking for.

Game design graduates earn $75,000 annually. Proficient audio professionals, programmers and game developers earn between $81,000 to $92,000 per year. Internships in addition to making and distributing games during your college years can help you gain an edge in the game industry.

6. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Employers want workers who can keep up with developments in technology and make these adjustments to ensure their business remains in the forefront of competition. If you want to work for an Fortune 500 company, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to communications and computer sciences. IT managers with experience make around annual income of $120,000 and could make more money by earning an M.B.A. If you are at the entry-level the average annual pay of $76,420.

IT managers are employed in all sectors and their demand for IT managers will increase by around 17 percent from 2022. You’ll need experience in order to be able to apply for the majority of IT managerial jobs. In the area of information security can give you the knowledge required to become the position of an IT security supervisor.

7. Computer Science

Being employed by companies like Google as well as SAS Institute or SAS Institute may not seem feasible even with a high GPA and Bachelor’s education in computing. You impress the recruiters of these top companies in information technology by working hard. effort.

Training and internships that test your presentation skills will put your name on the list of recruiters. You should take additional courses in coding, so that you can are an authority in this area. This will aid you in finding work that pays an entry-level pay of $56,500.

8. Statistics

With an estimated increase of 27 percent over the next decade Both private and public employers require your expertise as statisticians. With a Bachelor’s degree in statistics or math your financial future is safe.

Statistics earn an average wage of $54,900 when they are at the entry-level. At mid-career, you could expect to earn an average of $103,100. Government companies typically pay higher salaries than private companies however this could alter as the private industry’s requirement for statisticians increases. Managers should be aware of the global economy, not just local economies in order to remain on top of the market today.

9. Physics

With engineering jobs being among the top choices as most sought-after college degrees to get, it is logical for students majoring in physics to pursue a wide range of job opportunities in these fields following the completion of their studies.

10. Economics

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